Additional Products

Storage Accessories & Lighting Options

A range of helpful internal storage solutions that will add extra storage and maximise the use of the whole cupboard available in a huge range of sizes, please contact us for further details and be sure to visit our showroom to see first hand these internals working for yourself

Wall Tiles

We offer a fully range of complementary wall tiles, from the traditional to modern there will always be a tile for you with daily deliveries available

Floor Tiles

From ceramic and porcelain to luxury quartz, marble & stone. We offer a comprehensive range of complementary floor tiles in our showroom that will add the finishing touch to your new kitchen.

Glass Splashbacks

Colourlaque is the brand name for the coloured glass splashbacks. It is a permanent colour fixing process for glass. By using specialist paints and additional additives, the paint bonds to the rear surface of the glass. Once the colour treatment is fused to the surface of the glass it forms an impervious and durable surface. This process can be applied to various glass surfaces e.g. heat treated, laminated, toughened or specialist glass with raised patterns and etch glass.

Colourlaque can be processed like any other glass. It can be made to any manageable size and can be drilled, polished and have bevelled edges. It can also be cut out for electrical sockets, light inserts, sinks, taps, and drainer grooves and can be cut to shapes and templates. We are also able to do curved panels. Once the process has been completed, it then goes through the toughened process cycle to achieve the safety code of practice and conform to BS 6206 and EN 12600 impact resistance.

Durability and Resistance

The special composition of the paint makes Colourlaque ideal for rooms with high humidity content such as kitchens, bathrooms, indoor pools and spa areas. The durability of glass is water proof and easy to clean and doesn’t harbour germs or bacteria. As well as offering structural strength, Colourlaque requires low maintenance and cleaning and outlasts most current architectural products. It will look as impressive as the day it was fitted when twenty years or more have passed. Colourlaque is far superior to any colour glass panel products currently on offer by many of the major super stores.


Colourlaque is available in various thicknesses: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm ,15mm and19mm.

  • Annealed float standard glass
  • Toughened glass BS EN 12600 Class A
  • Laminated glass BS EN 12600 Class C
  • Maximum Dimensions 3210mm x 2400mm
  • Glass type Pilkington’s low iron
  • Heat resistant upto 250 degrees Celsius