Ambiance Bain Fitted Furniture

Enthusiasm For Creation: Form And Function 

Our strength is drawn from communication with all of our emplyees, partners, designers, creators and technicians which provide us with the impetus to create, innovate and pursue new avenues and designs. Each piece of furniture is designed firstly for its function in the bathroom, by whom and how it will be used, then for its form (design, material, colour, etc) and finally for its components and technology (electrical opening, fitted drawers, etc) A collection designed to integrate with the flow of modern times, focusing on design, ergonomics with a touch of fantasy, signature of the brand and its skill and expertise.

Quality Furniture

All Ambiance Bain furniture is delivered assembled and fitted with the latest generation of runners and hinges incorporating built-in soft close features. The edges are applied using laser technology to ensure an impeccable quality finish. The high-quality raw materials are selected from the ranges of the very best European manufacturers and are subject to strict controls. The SMO™ Synthetic Resin worktops and showers are individually manufactured and benefit from special care during all phases of production in accordance with industrial best practices.

An Innovative Concept 

For a number of years we have proposed an exclusive solution to create bathrooms in a single material and colour using our antibacterial synthetic resin under the brand SMO™. An ideal moulded material for worktops, basins, baths decks, shower trays and wall panels; an innovative concept.
Please find below some of our own installations utilising the SMO™ material.