At NEFF, we understand that the kitchen is the heart of the home. With ovens at the heart of our range, your passion for cooking drives our innovation. All our new models have been specifically designed to be your true partner in the kitchen.
STRONG HISTORY AND REPUTATION Neff was founded as a small family business over 130 years ago in Germany, and has since established itself as a major player on the European kitchen appliance stage. Neff products first became available in the UK around 37 years ago. Our company has built a reputation for producing appliances that not only look great but cook brilliantly too. Over the years, we have continuously led the way in producing innovative new appliances which make life in the kitchen more pleasurable. At the heart of our success is the confidence and trust of well over a million UK households boasting a so-called ‘Neff Kitchen’.
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We believe the perfect built-in appliance should be designed for one thing above all else: to make your time spent in the kitchen as pleasant as possible.
Every detail of every appliance has been carefully designed, produced and tested by our engineers to fully meet the highest standards in quality, performance and convenience. Discover cutting-edge technology, timeless design, remarkable ease of use and less work in the kitchen.


Sophisticated Technology. Intelligent Features. Stylish Design. All This And More In Our Studio Collection. Our Ideas. Your Home.
Inspired by you, we’ve developed an exclusive collection of appliances utilising the best technology to provide intelligent features all wrapped up in a stunning design. Intellegent Cooking programmes and self-cleaning Pyrolytic options on our ovens, Double Face Elliptical burners on our gas hobs, SuperSilent hoods and dishwashers, Eco Cycles on our integrated laundry products all complete this sophisticated range. There’s even perfect storage for your wine with the integrated 24 bottle wine cellar.


As a Whirlpool Main Dealer we are able to offer a 3year extended warrenty with any fitted appliance at no extra cost to you.
Whirlpool is commited to delivering the most advanced solutions for you and your kitchen, with new looks, new features and new concepts – seamlessly blending cutting edge technology with desirable contemporary design. With outstanding quality, ease of use and performane ensured, Whirlpool offers you the ultimate in appliance for the most stylish of kitchens.
Whirlpool’s Glamour line is the perfect combination of high luxury, minimalist and progressive designs, outstanding performance, superior quality and unsurpassed ease of use. It employs some of the most advanced engineering technologies, resulting in groundbreaking innovations such as full glass door structure. The oven, hood and side by side fridge freezer are made of the finest quality glass to offer flawless precision and aesthetics, lending a striking look at the entire kitchen.

Featuring outstanding technology, innovative functions and an ultra-modern look, the Fusion line ovens, microwaves, hobs, hoods, dishwashers, fridges and freezers create a futuristic kitchen enviroment with minimal yet sophisticated design. The Fusion kitchen perfectly combines steel and glass for a finish that is sleek and integrated. The oven and microwave both feature an 80mm touch sensitive flat control panel and an integrated handle with advanced user interface. They are designed for perfect harmony with other Fusion line appliances.

Ambient makes life in the kitchen a breeze, its crisp lines reflecting exceptional ease of use. A world where tradition meets contemporary innovation. The Ambient line integrates advanced technology with supremely sinple functionality to guarantee perfect results in the kitchen. The products in the range offer a comprehensive set of traditional and innovative functions. Each element is made of high quality steel, delivering a look of simple elegance, and all the components are beautifully aligned for maximum enjoyment and ease of use.

In line with the latest trends in kitchen design, the Genesis line is the perfect way to bring matching aesthetics to any kitchen. Its modern feel and square lines will appeal to people in both form and functionality. The oven and microwave oven in the range feature an attractive new user interface with a straightforward text-assisted display, making them a pleasure to look at and a joy to use.

Stoves & New World

Beautiful Cookers, Cook Beautifully
As innovators in both function and form for over eighty years, it’s little wonder that we have many industry awards to our name. But in all that time, we have never lost sight of the fact it’s our customers’ opinions that really matter most.
To that end, whether it be built in, freestanding, range, hob, hood or splashback has been designed and built with you in mind.
Our designs are fresh and inspirational, our technologies smart (sometimes revolutionary) and our build quality is always of the highest standard.
In our view, cooking should be as effortless and enjoyable an experience as it can possibly be.
So, whatever your lifestyle and whatever look you’re looking to achieve, look to Stoves and you’ll find the complete package.

Lux Air

LuxAir’s aim is to always provide the best quality – ensuring that the end user has trouble-free extraction. Our strength stems from seceral important factors that, when combined, make our manufacturing process unique.
We source all our raw materials from ISO9002 approved suppliers ensuring the best quality stainless steel materials.
On arrival at our manufacturing facility all raw materials are quality control inspected and only enter the manufacturing area after being ‘positively released’.
Our manufacturing process is computer controlled to ensure consistency.
After production each batch goes through a further quality check before being individually wrapped, labelled, boxed and finally hand loaded.
What makes us unique is that all of the above processed are contained within our custom designed factory based in Pettinelli, Italy.
LuxAir strives to consistently produce 100% ‘perfect orders’ delivered on time. We provide a local and international technical support service for customer problems and advise.
We at LuxAir can safely say that we now produce one of the highest quality extraction products on the world wide market. To ensure you, the customer, recieves the same level of service that our dealers do, we back all our products with a full FIVE years parts and labour warranty.

Caple – Wine Cabinets

The act of drinking wine is a simple pleasure that has been enjoyed around the world for centuries. From a robust red by the fireplace to a sip of bubbly on special occasions – wine is part of our many and varied lifestyles, a delightful drink offering a myriad of styles and tastes.
At Caple we’re passionate about wine. That’s why we’ve developed a range of wine cabinets specifically designed to provide the perfect environment for keeping your wine safe and sound. So whether you’re storing wine for days or years, a Caple wine cabinet will ensure it tastes as it’s maker intended.