Corian Worktops


Dupont Corian is an advanced blend of minerals and pure acrylic polymer. It is a synthetic material – born of human imagination and exploration – and the result of a reflection upon the demands of design. To make the most of Corian in a world of changing environments, fashions and modes of communication, the invitation to designers and architects is to transform this limitless material into a meaningful work of form and function.
Our kitchens can characterise us, eloquently expressing our rapport with our homes, and with the world around us. Themes can span the spectrum from a minimalist elegance that conceals everything to a “we love to cook” solution where key equipment is openly displayed and celebrated. With its perennially modern personality, Dupont Corian lends itself to almost any style of kitchen design. It permits a fusion of sinks, counters or wall panels without visible seams, offering solutions that are aesthetically harmonious and functionally valuable – with hygiene as a powerful advantage.
No space in the residential sphere has changed as rapidly as the bathroom. It is a haven within the home that invites an escape from daily life, and a few moments of pampered peace. Corian can play an integral role in the evolution of the bathroom. With its formability, extensive colour range and warm touch, it lends itself beautifully to the rituals of cleansing wellness and revitalization. What’s more, its resistance to stains, scratches, mould and mildew makes it a practical and sanitary partner.
Please find below some of our latest kitchen installations using Corian worktops