Sink Ranges


Why choose Astracast?
Astracast is recognised as a market leader in the manufacture of kitchen sinks, taps and accessories and have been manufacturing stainless steel and composite sinks for 26 years.
In order to sustain our position as market leader, we continuously strive to develop products and solutions that lead the field. With our industry leading team of designers, engineers and craftsmen we inspire and innovate, creating stunning visual and practical solutions for today’s homes.
Materials And Care
ROK Metallic is a unique granite material whereby metallic effect particles are added during the manufacturing process. The resulting sink has striking good looks and complements contemporary kitchen enviroments. Available in three colours with all the material benefits of ROK. (20 YEAR GUARANTEE)
Granite ROK sinks are made from the most advanced material used in the manufacture of kitchen sinks. They are designed to combine hard-working performance with stunning good looks and natural textures of granite. With real quartz silica particles and a textured appearance ROK sinks are available in a variety of natural colours. (20YEAR GUARANTEE)
Stainless Steel 18/10 sinks offer long lasting corrosion resistance and will withstand all common household acids and detergents. Our range features three stunning finishes, Classic Polished Steel, Linen – with its textured surface that offers stunning looks and durability and Brushed Steel – designed to complement modern appliance finishes. (5 YEAR GUARANTEE)
Ceramic Sinks are indivdually hand-crafted and finished in fireclay. Cool and silky to touch, they have a hard non-porous surface giving excellent resistance to all commonly used chemicals and detergents and are extremely resistant to heat (5 YEAR GUARANTEE)

Resistance to……..
Resistance to Thermal Shock
Exposure to extreme variations in temperature can sometimes have an adverse effect on the durability of the sink. Astracast sinks are designed and tested to withstand repeated cycles of hot and cold liquids without effect.
Impact And Scratch Resistant
Astracast sinks are designed to resist everyday knocks and bumps in the most hectic kitchen, without chipping or marking. This ensures that the finish of the sink and the cleaning benefits that go with it remain for the products life span
Resistance To Chemicals
Astracasts materilas innovative, molecular, structure ensures that all sinks are resistant to most commonly used household chemicals.
Resistance To Stains
The low material porosity denies staining agents the opportunity to penetrate the surface. Even the worst stains such as red wine and beetroot are easily wiped away with a cloth.
Water And Light Resistance
Astracast’s materials are screened by world renowned colour laboratories – to ensure that Astracast sinks will not discolour in direct sunlight or water whiten over time.


BLANCO is an international business. We focus on providing the very best from our head office and manufacturing plants in Germany. We supply our superb range of sinks, taps and kitchen accessories to world markets. We strive to suppky a combination of quality, value and service that has become the bedrock of our growth and sucess.
Our products have a reputation for innovation, versatility and high quality. We also offer exceptional choice with different materials, colours and models. Our extensive range will meet most requirements. But if your options go beyond the sinks that we offer, we can also provide custom made BLANCO STEELART solutions tailor made to your specification.
BLANCO is in a position to extend this service through in-house artisans recognised for their diligence and skill as craftsmen in stainless steel. Together we can translate your vision into a three dimensional reality.
The BLANCO persuit of excellence is regularly recognised and rewarded by a number of international organisations who specialise in awarding accolades in recognition of perfection.

Carron Phoenix

Carron Phoenix has built an excellent reputation manufacturing sinks for over forty years in the UK. In granite, stainless steel or ceramic each and every sink is made from the finest materials to the highest standards. All of our sinks are guaranteed for a lifetime so you can be confident that they are of exceptional quality and made to last.
Our sink portfolio offers outstanding design scope with a choice of beautiful and hardwearing materials, with sinks available in inset, undermount and flushmount options for total installation flexibility.
More than that, our extensive range of sinks, taps, accessories and waste management systems gives you an all-round solution to your kitchen sink space. Products that are beautiful to look at and excellent to work with. Products that give you inspiration for your kitchen

Franke – Specialist Range

With the FRANKE specialist range, we have drawn upon all of our experience to craft an inspirational collection that combines design excellence with style.
This superb choice of state-of-the-art sink designs is offered in a wide range of durable materials, shapes and sizes. Whether you seek a cutting edge contemporary or modern classic look, a selection of elegant taps is available to fully complement each individual style.
FRANKE has been at the forefront of kitchen sink innovation since the company was founded in Switzerland almost a century ago. Since then we’ve established efficient and economic manufacturing facilities all around the world. These allow us to offer competitively priced products and still maintain immaculate standards of design, production and high-grade materials.
Coordinating Designer Packs
To make our quality even more affordable and to help you choose from the extensive Specialist range, we’ve devised coordinating Designer Packs. Each pack comprises a sink, a complementary tap, and in some cases matching accessories to form the perfect package.