Bushboard M STONE
Encore & Maia

Encore is a fusion of the traditional with the contemporary. We’ve drawn on our long heritage in laminate manufacturing and applied the best engineering technology to the modern material of solid surfacing. This means Encore is made with the same pride and precision that we take over any of our products, giving you a superior construction with lasting performance and durability. It comes with our usual guarantee so you can choose it with absolute confidence.
Encore worksurfaces will bring distincion to your kitchen. Allowing you to enjoy them for a very, very long time.
Desirable and Luxurious
Run your fingers along the silky smooth surface and you will appreciate the seemless beauty that only solid surfacing can achieve. Let your eye take in the subtle metallic particles that delicately catch the light and give the material a truly stunning appeal.
This is the feeling of sheer luxury. Cool. Sophisticated. And uncompromising
We often get asked on ‘how to remove scratches that can occur over time’ please feel free to watch our short video showing you a step by step process.

We also offer other helpful videos on our YouTube channel, follow the link on our home page.

Bushboard Omega & Prima

Inspirational Design
When we think of Omega, we like to think of a range at the very leading edge of laminate innovation. That way you can be confident you are choosing a worktop at the forefront of trends that will deliver a lasting design impression.
Omega centres on design and texture combinations that laminate to a new sensory level. Where the eye and the touch are pleased simultaneously by the way the work surface looks and by the way it feels.
Recognising the appeal of natural stone in the kitchen, there are beautiful designs inspired by slate, limestone and granite complemented by a subtle, riven texture. We salute the luxuriousness of polished stone with our signature range of metallic work surfaces. The contemporary colours, enriched with subtle pearlescent flecks and a deeply lustrous gloss surface, are irresistibly tempting. And last but by no means least, comes the exotic woodgrains with their very gorgeous aesthetics, looking and feeling juts like freshly sanded wood.

Bushboard Prima

Classic Design
Our Prima range gives you the very best in design, because we invest so much time in developing a palette that suits everday living.
Take a look at the shimmering beauty of the new Radiance designs and the outstanding elegance of the True Scale granites. Totally unique to Prima, these life-sizes designs printed in high definition mirror exclusive and luxurious granites that are guaranteed to make a signature statement in your home.
In Prima, there are more than 50 designs to inspire you and then leave you with that special feeling of a choice well made, long after your work surface has been installed. They’re incredibly flexible too, with a choice of 3m, 3.6m, and 4.1m sizes, as well as offering integrated solutions for work surfaces, upstands and splashbacks.

Solid Wood

Dovetail – Natural Harmony for your Kitchen
Choosing wooden work surfaces will bring natural harmony to your Kitchen. As one of nature’s most versatile and enduring materials, wood gives warmth, life and character to any kitchen.

Naturally hygienic
Not only do our Dovetail work surfaces look stunning, they have proven antibacterial properties making wood the material of choice for many food preparation and laboratory environments. Unlike many synthetic surfaces, wood is completely non-toxic making it a safe choice for your home.

Naturally enduring
With simple, regular maintenance, our work surfaces will look better and better the longer you have it, developing its own unique character and appearance.

Whilst modern synthetic laminates and plastics may denature, warp or lose colour over time, a Dovetail work surface has the enduring qualities of the material it’s made from
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Axiom is proud to be the UK’s No.1 laminate worktop brand, leading the field in design, choice, product innovation, quality and reliability.

Marble And Granite, Quartz & Silestone

The kitchen and bathroom professional’s choice, granite countertops are the ultimate design statement. Tough as well as stunning, its natural beauty is hard to replicate. The addition of natural stone in the form of work tops, a breakfast bar, or in freestanding furniture adds a finishing touch to a high end kitchen or bathroom. Marble and granite offer a beauty and elegance that can last a lifetime.
Countertops are the hardest worked areas and natural stone surfaces offer a highly durable and easily maintained choice. Owing to its densely packed crystalline structure and very low porosity, there is no place for bacteria to hide and they are waterproof, stain-resistant and almost impossible to scratch, maintaining their diamond-polished looks for years.
Please find below some of our latest kitchen installations using Marble, Granite & Silestone worktops
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We provide through our partnership with Marble And Granite Solutions based in Wolverhampton a full templating and fitting service, all surveys and installations are carried out by their own fully qualified and trained employees, who ensure all our work meets the highest quality standards.

Before the granite worktops can be manufactured and installed a site survey (known as templating) is carried out. This involves making an exact replica of the required surface, taking accurate measurements of the kitchen units and final locations of sinks, hobs, taps or any other fittings required. This is then used in manufacture to ensure a precise and accurate cutting for a perfect installation.

A top quality Granite worktop when finished to the highest standard requires accurate templating before installation. Our cutting and polishing is carried out on the latest precision machinery in a dedicated and bespoke manufacturing facility, ensuring a perfect fit and a superior finish.